About Me

I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful girls.  In my spare time (ha!), I have always enjoyed taking pictures ever since I was a little girl.  My first camera was a Polaroid that I was oh-so-proud of.  Since then, I have yet to set the camera down.  I began this business after much encouragement from friends and relatives and am encouraged by the response I have gotten so far.  I love this aspect of my life and hope to provide you and your family with as much happiness with the wonderful pictures as I have taking them.  I love spending time and getting to know the families and children that I photograph.  I love meeting new people.  And I love capturing those special moments on camera.  It truly is a joy for me to be doing what I love.

How I shoot:  I shoot with a Canon 6D full frame camera and several different lens and use only natural light.  Natural light brings out the most beauty in the subject and is real.  I like the use of some props but tend to shy away from 'fake' backdrops and such, unless its for a special occasion.  I do not have a studio and typically all of my sessions will be on location in or around the Bryan/College Station area.  However, I am able to recreate a studio 'feel' if so desired.  I do like to use small props that accentuate but do not take away from the subject and am always up for new ideas if the client has any!  I try not to pose a subject, but rather suggest ways or places to sit or stand for the best lighting and then let the moments happen.  A staged photo is nice, but the truly great photos come from impromptu, unplanned moments.