Monday, January 2, 2012

Please note..

As of the first of the year, there have been some price changes. Please CLICK HERE to read the new changes.

If you don't follow my Facebook page (and you totally should be!!!), I have been updating that the changes were coming. If you have already scheduled a session with me for 2012, it has been noted and your session will still have the old prices in effect. All future sessions scheduled will have the new pricing guidelines in effect.

The basic changes are that the fees for a regular portrait session went up to $100 (total) and a retainer fee of $25 has been added. Your session will NOT be scheduled unless and until the retainer fee has been received. Once that fee has been received, I will send a confirmation email to confirm your day and time. The $25 will be put towards the total cost of your session, so when you get your prints, you will only owe a remaining $75.

So, if you need to schedule a session, remember you can always contact me through my website. Hope to hear from you soon!

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