Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Liam, Alden, Neilan, and Maire

LOVE this family.  I just love them.  I love how they love each other and it really shows.  I will be sad to see them leave the area very soon.  :(  But am so happy they have entrusted me to take their family photos for the last couple of years.

The oldest is Liam, who's about to be a 3rd grader!

Then we have Alden who just finished out Kindergarten.  :)

Next up is Neilan, who was pretty shy last time we met, but really enjoyed having his turn taking pictures this go-round! :)

And last, but certainly not least is sweet Maire.  She was just a BABY when I saw her last.  And now she is turning into quite the little lady.  :)

And here are the two proud parents that grew this beautiful family -

Aren't they fun?!

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