Thursday, July 11, 2013

An announcement regarding Fall bookings....

Hey everyone!  I've got some blogging to catch up on (which will happen soon I promise!), but I wanted to make a couple of announcements....

1) I've had a few people interested in getting a deal on a mini session without waiting for Pumpkin Patch or Christmas minis.  So...  I will run another special on mini sessions in a few weeks before summer is out (early to mid August).  I will combine it where you can choose if you want "back to school" pictures (I do have some cute ideas there!) or if you'd prefer to just get a deal on some summer family shots or pics of the kiddos.  It will run as usual with a sign up and more details will be posted later.

2) I am now booking into August (and actually have a couple of spots still open in July).  Email me if you need to schedule an August (or July) session as spots are limited!  September through December scheduling will open up soon.  Please PLEASE take heed and schedule a Fall session ASAP.  This year things will work a little different in that I will not accept sessions after Thanksgiving with the promise of getting pictures returned before Christmas.  I will still schedule after Thanksgiving of course, but pictures are not guaranteed to be returned by a certain date unless you schedule your session prior to Thanksgiving.  Family always comes first for me and this year is especially important that I follow this 'rule' of mine.  September - November session times will fill up very quickly so please plan ahead and schedule!  I will post an update on here and on my Facebook page when my Fall schedule is open to scheduling.  A reminder - no session is confirmed until a retainer is received.

3) I am in the process of working on an email mailing list.  This list will not be used for spam or any of the like but will be used to notify of upcoming deals, specials, and announcements.  If on the email list, you will be notified first of sign ups on mini sessions, scheduling, openings, and more!  If you'd like to be included on this list, please email or comment here or on my Facebook page with your email address.

Thanks as always for all your support!  I'm living the dream doing what I love and it's because of you!  I am still flattered and humbled by every single one of my clients.  So thank you - my gratitude is endless.  :)

And because no post is complete without a picture, here's one of sweet Will from our 4th of July minis (I'll share more soon!)...

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