Friday, August 9, 2013

Fall booking...!

Please email me at to inquire about dates for your Fall session!

Important things to keep in mind:  I have very few weekend time slots available.  If you need a weekend day, do not hesitate!  If you are flexible and can schedule during the week, I am more likely to get you a date you want.

Also, the cutoff to get pictures back to you before Christmas will be Thanksgiving.  I know that seems early...but this year we have a family vacation planned the first week or so in December so I will be gone a big portion of the month early on!  Plan ahead and book early.  Please remember, your date is not secure until I receive the $30 retainer (which does go towards the final balance of your session).

To answer any other upcoming questions, ....yes, I will be doing Pumpkin patch mini sessions in mid October.  Those will be announced and posted separately.  I also hope to do a weekend of mini sessions for those just wanting those few photos for Christmas cards or gifts.  No guarantees on that happening just yet, but IF I can squeeze them in, they will be during the first part of November.

Thanks as always for your support!  I hope to see a lot of your happy faces this Fall!

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