Monday, October 14, 2013

Liam, Nielan, Alden, Maire, and Nevan

This family honors me so much and they probably don't even realize it.  Because not only is it a true honor to have families come back to me time and again for their pictures (and the greatest compliment to me), but this family you see moved away.  Like, out of state!  Thousands of miles away.  However, on their short quick trip back to town for just a few days when they had a small amount of time to catch up and see everyone they missed, they took a part out of their day to have me do their family photos again.  What an honor.  I cherish them so much!  

And it helps that their boys (and girl) are just a pleasure to hang out with!  Last I saw them they were a family a 6.  Now, they've expanded to a family of 7, welcoming Nevan to the clan! 

We did a feet picture with them before so it was only natural to do another adding in their newest member!  I love how you can see Nevan's head...just chilling out.  Hey.  When you're number 5, you have to be pretty chill.  :)

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