Friday, February 28, 2014

Kayci and Jace

Had a great time with this family.  All too often soooo many people want to do their session with a rustic feel - in a field, a pasture, next to a bard or such.  However, unless YOU have access to a place such as this, we can't just go to some private property for a session.  I would argue that's my top request is for a place like this.  This family however, did have access to this kinda place and I LOVED it.  So many different scenarios and places, made it hard to choose!  Plus they were great subjects.  :)

Normally, I prefer a sun lit day.  Just makes for some beautiful lighting scenarios.  However, with this family, fortunately we shot on a cloudy day.  Little guy Jace has some light sensitivity issues so even with the clouds, he had to keep his glasses on for the most part.  However, I did get one image of his big beautiful blue eyes!

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