Monday, October 1, 2012

Channing, newborn

I feel especially attached to this sweet boy.  I take dozens of newborns photos in a week.  Dozens and dozens...  all in my day job.

But.  This sweet guy... well, I knew his mom when she was like 12!  I swear...  makes me feel old.  But also makes me feel attached.  Then I was so excited when I got to shoot her maternity pictures!  (click that link to see her maternity pictures).  I found myself so excited as her due date got closer....  and then getting to see baby Channing in the hospital, take his pictures there...and now, getting to do his newborn photos!  Aww!  Love.  :)

We did a couple of 'before and after' shots.  Hard to believe this big guy (he was 8lbs+) fit in that tiny tummy!

(and did you notice his little smirk in the above picture???  :)

Several of these are the 'after' products from her maternity pics... so you may want to flip back to them here.

Can't wait to continue to watch this little guy grow...!  :-)

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