Monday, October 8, 2012

Patrick and Evan

Love these family!  Just simply love them.  :)  They were some of my very first to shoot when I started my little ol' photography business (in fact their picture is in my header up there --^ ).  And they have stuck with me, at least once a year or so.  I love their faith in me to do their family pictures, their support, and their loyalty, but I also genuinely LOVE seeing them at least once a year and watching these sweet boys grow.  :)

Anyway, enough gush.  On to the pictures!

Evan showed up this time with all sorts of new style and personality!  I hadn't seen this before of him, but I LOVED it.  He is all kinds of cuteness!

Patrick is the same sweet Patrick he's always been - a little shy, sweet, and worried about how that wiggly front tooth would look in all these pictures!  Haha!

And all together, they make a beautiful family, don't they???

We also got a lot of couple shots this time as well.  Which I'm so happy to do!  I think too many times, after being married and having kids for at least 8 years, people forget that they started this journey as two people and I love to document that still growing love they have for each other...  :)

I also love the realness of these series of pictures.  Priceless!  To explain the sequence...I told Patrick to whisper a secret to Evan (which I had used earlier too).  This time, Patrick reciprocated with the same 'secret' Evan had told him....  "I hate you."  (of course he doesn't, they were being funny!)  So, you'll see how the next events transpired...  hahahaha!

And some other random cool pictures of these guys...

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