Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Olivia Act

The Olivia Act is an initiative put forth by a photographer (not in this community) who wishes to remain anonymous.  She was affected, as many of us are, by the senseless act of violence when many children lost their lives in Newtown, CT last week.  She noticed that one of the children killed (named Olivia) recently had professional photographs taken just prior to her murder.  She understood how important those images would FOREVER be to Olivia's family.  She felt led to do SOMETHING in her honor (and the many other people that were killed) and yet felt helpless (as many of us do).  The one talent she has that she could offer is photographs, which will be forever important to Olivia's family.  So, in honor of this sweet 6 year old girl, Olivia, who was killed, alongside all the many others that lost their lives, many photographers around the country (myself included) are offering a free photo session to one family in need.  One family that may not otherwise be able to afford to hire a professional to take their family's photos.  One family that might not be able to have those precious images captured as permanent cherished moments.  Pictures are memories.  They are important keepsakes for families and everyone deserves to have them.

The Olivia Act started with one photographer, has grown to thousands around the country participating for those of us that want to do something.  Anything.  Unfortunately, there has been a very limited few negative comments that she has received among the much outpouring of support.  So I feel like I need to say that I promise you that there is no ulterior motive here.  Not to gain business or appreciation or anything of that regard.  The intention is to do SOMETHING. Some people are doing Random Acts of Kindness, others are just simply praying and mourning.  However, upon hearing of The Olivia Act, I felt led to participate.  I can do this.  This one simple thing.  In honor and in memory of the many lives that were taken far too early.  So, please if you feel the need to negate this initiative, do so elsewhere.  Negative comments will not be tolerated and will be removed.

So.  Here's the scoop.  One family will receive one free mini session with a CD of all edited images and copyright release to the images.  The family will be chosen based on nominations.  This is where YOU come in.  I want nominations.  Please think hard of someone in our community (I am limiting it to the BCS area) that would not otherwise be able to afford photos, hasn't had family photos done in a long time (if ever) that really deserves to have a session donated to them and would appreciate this gift.  I am setting a deadline of nominations of December 31, 2012.  Please do not post publicly the person you are nominating.  I do not want them to feel uncomfortable in any way.  This about serving, not shaming.  The only way a nomination will be accepted is privately through email at  Please note in the subject line of your email "Olivia Act Nomination".  The information that must be included is your name, the family's name/info that you are nominating, and why you are nominating them, as well as contact information for both you and the person nominated.  Details!  I will read through all nominations and pick a family and if your nominated family is chosen, both you and them will be notified.  I will not post publicly who "won" the session.  A decision will be made by January 10, 2013 and the session will be done once arrangements are made.

Please feel free to share with others to get the offer out to as many people as who may need this.  If this is as successful and beneficial as I hope, I promise to do it again.  And fellow photographers, please consider participating too?

Thanks - and get to thinking!!  :)

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  1. I think it's a wonderful way to honor the memory of those lost angels. And to anyone who would react negatively, I would ask what are THEY doing on behalf of the lives lost. It would be wonderful if other photographers in the area could become involved. Maybe on FB you could give a brief summary of the "Olivia Act", so that people who do not normally click on links would see that it is a call out to photographers & more would get the msg. Regardless, good for you for participating in something so thoughtful.