Thursday, February 21, 2013

Javier, newborn

Another newborn!  Love all this little guys being born.  And yes, all guys!  A stream of boys seems to be being born.  Crazy how it works like that sometimes.  

Anyway, this little guy's name is Javier.  And check out the hair and beautiful eyes he has!  As well as perfectly toned skin.  Ahhh...

And I think nearly every quilt or blanket he was photographed on had some sort of sentimental value.  Either mom made it, grandma made it or it was mom's when she was a girl.  So special!

Javier's big sister is just as stunning!

Another example....this little turtle outfit, Grandma made!  So we had to get a picture with Grandma who came all the way from Peru to see the newest member of the family.  :)

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