Monday, February 25, 2013

Kylee and Jessi

I absolutely adore this family and was sooo thrilled when they asked ME to take their family photos this year.  We're kinda related so I think they're pretty cool for that reason alone ;) , but also they are just genuinely a fun family who have a great time together.  They genuinely love each other and it shows.  

Kylee is the oldest and is a fabulous singer.  I mean, fabulous.  She should seriously be on American Idol or something - she'd knock their socks off!

Equally as talented is younger sister, Jessi - turning into quite the beautiful young lady too!

And last but not least, proud parents...still so in love...

Also, what's great about these folks - it was literally RAINING in a lot of their pictures.  ANd they just went with it and kept going and had fun doing it.  Seriously, great.  Love them.  :)

As we were finishing up, things got a little silly.  Some outtakes?  Sure....why not!  They're the best part!  LOL

Thanks guys for all the fun we add!  :)

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